‘Black Mirror’ Releases ‘Hang The DJ’ Button For Valentine’s Day


It's Valentine's Day today, so if you're in a couple no doubt part of you wishes you could stay together on the sofa until the end of time, spooning ice cream sickeningly into each other's mouths.

But for those of you who want to bin your partner off and are keen to find out how long you've got left to wait, there's now a way to find out – thanks to a new website which can tell the exact expiry date of your relationship.

The website has been brought out especially in time for Valentine's Day and is based on a concept from an episode of the notoriously unsettling Netflix show Black Mirror, particularly the episode 'Hang the DJ'. How, er, romantic.

In case you haven't seen 'Hang the DJ' yet (don't worry – no spoilers), the basic premise is that the two protagonists are given the expiration date of their relationship by an AI system, 'Coach', which is installed in a circular tablet.

However, how long the couple have left to date is only revealed if both people choose to see it simultaneously. If one of them looks at it alone, then the expiration date recalibrates much lower – makes sense, as it means you can't trust each other.

The new website, Coach.dating, is based directly on Coach. You tap the screen and it will send you a link which you can send to your significant other – assuming you don't just want to see how your relationship goes, that is.

Once you're both on the same page, it will begin to count down and you can click the button together to see how long your relationship has got left.

One of us in the LAD office tried this with their partner, only for their SO to intentionally not press the button once it counted down. That led the site to initially give them 16 years before they watched their remaining time dwindle down to six minutes. Needless to say, their Valentine's Day is ruined.


We're not sure whether this is a genius way of wrecking relationships everywhere on the mushiest day of the year, or a great marketing ploy to get you to watch the latest series of Black Mirror. Probably a bit of both. Either way, it's a laugh.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Black Mirror


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