Let’s Face It, None Of Us Are As Cool As This Kangaroo


You know how it is when you try and do a decent pose for a photo and then you see it and realise you look awkward as fuck? It happens to us all – the best thing to do is just be natural in front of the camera, stop trying so hard and just be your boring self.

Of course, if you're very lucky, like this kangaroo, then being cool just comes naturally to you. Check him out:

Credit: Caters

Credit: Caters

He's nailing that pose. Like the Derek Zoolander of kangaroos.

Sandrina Duniau, 30, caught the kangaroo chilling near the entrance to a restroom in the John Forrest National Park in Perth.

She said: "I couldn't believe it and thought, 'Wow – only in Australia would something like this ever happen.' It was so funny – I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it was posed like that.

"It was right in the middle of the toilets blocking the entrance to the doorway and there was no way I was brave enough to go and bother it. I love kangaroos so much and I just think they're adorable. This one was particularly funny and cute the way it was posed.

"Australia is such a beautiful country with perfect weather and I'd move here if I could. I love all the animals here and I've been having so much fun taking pictures of all the warning signs for snakes and other dangerous creatures to scare my family back home. It's so wild."

This oddly photogenic marsupial isn't the first we've seen – remember the hench one from last year?

'You wot mate?' Credit: Caters

'You wot mate?' Credit: Caters

Jackson Vincent spotted the muscular kangaroo in a creek, also in Perth. Perth must be where the cool kangaroos hang around.

Jackson said that kangaroo was the biggest he'd ever seen. "He had a really big body and was taller than me," he said. "There are a lot of roos at my grandma's place but I have never seen one that muscular before – he was a big macho male.

Credit: Caters

Credit: Caters

"I decided to get Dharma [Jackson's dog] out of there as we thought the kangaroo was going to lure him into the water to drown him."


Featured Image Credit: Caters

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