Logan Paul Makes Citizen’s Arrest After Home Trespass


The embattled YouTube star exercised his civic right after he found a stranger sitting in his living room.

Days after he returned to YouTube following a controversial video, vlogging star Logan Paul made a citizen's arrest at his home on Tuesday night when he found an intruder sitting in his living room, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

On Tuesday night at about 10 p.m., West Los Angeles police officers responded to a call at the 4500 block of White Oak Ave. after Paul had returned home to find a stranger in his living room, the LAPD's Officer Luis Garcia said Wednesday. 20-year-old Tahj Deondre Speight was arrested for a misdemeanor trespass, Garcia said, and had no weapons on his person. Nothing in Logan's house appeared to be taken.

Speight was charged with a misdemeanor trespass, and his bail has been set at $4000.

Logan has made headlines in the past two months after posting a controversial video showing a deceased individual in Japan's Aokigahara Forest. Backlash led to Logan being removed from YouTube's Preferred program; his upcoming projects with the preferred program are on hold. Logan has since apologized, appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the video and donated $1 million to suicide prevention.

Logan posted his first post-controversy video on YouTube on Feb. 4. He has yet to make a video about exercising his civic right to make the arrest.

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