Trolls Target Woman With 32K Breasts After Fundrasing Appeal


A 20-year-old woman from Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire has been on the receiving end of online abuse from trolls, all because she's trying to raise money to help pay for a breast reduction.

Jasmin-Alexandra Vlassi, has saved £1,000 ($1,400) towards the £7,000 ($9,900) she needs for the surgery and set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the rest of the costs.

Doing so, however, has attracted the attention of online trolls who have been hurling violent abuse in her direction.

One told Jasmin, who also has Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis (CRMO), a rare bone disease that makes the pain from her breasts even worse, that she should be 'punched in the throat' while another said that she should have her 'pout cut off'.

Her initial target was only £100 ($142), and since news of the trolls has emerged, the donations have been flooding in. At the time of writing she has raised £555 ($790).

Jasmin, who has size 32K breasts, wrote on her GoFundMe page that she's aware that there are other worthy causes and is just looking for a little extra help to cover the cost of the expensive surgery.

Jasmin-Alexandra Vlassi / GoFundMe

Jasmin-Alexandra Vlassi / GoFundMe

"I have always hesitated to make one of these pages as I know there are people that deserve help so much more," she wrote.

"I have had to make the choice to go private to receive a breast reduction I have longed for since I was young.

"I won't write my sob story as I don't want to bore anyone, I would love if anyone could spare even a tiny amount to help towards the cost. I have a £1,000 deposit to pay and the other few thousand I will be able to pay up.

"Any help would be greatly appreciated and if anyone has any questions or anything please send a message! The amount of girls I've had saying they'd like to do the same is unreal. I'd love to help anyone I can."

Sadly, while the appeal has helped her raise some money, it's also resulted in some awful and unnecessary negative attention.

"I've had death threats and all sorts," she told the Daily Record. "I burst out crying the other day because I missed my bus stop from stressing out, so I ended up somewhere I didn't know and took a panic attack outside a shop.

"I was so lucky there was a nice woman there who called me a taxi to get home and let me stay in the shop. I was just that scared to be alone."

Nevertheless, Jasmin is staying positive and trying to not let the trolls get to her too much.

"I've had so much help from people and it's been beautiful to see that people care and want to give, as they didn't need to at all, so it means the world," she said.

"There has been negativity too, but that's okay because I know that those people don't understand the story fully, that's not their fault.

"They just don't know me, and it's hard to tell the kind of person someone is without actually meeting and getting to know them.

"I don't think people understand that you could be wearing the biggest smile or pout and any kind of clothing, and still be suffering on the inside."

Featured Image Credit: Jasmin-Alexandra Vlassi / GoFundMe

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