Two Police Officers Suspended After Allegedly Taking Marijuana Edibles


Two Toronto police officers are alleged to have gotten high while working on Sunday and had to call for help.

According to Newstalk1010, officers from 13 Division raided a dispensary Saturday night and then several hours on Sunday morning, two officers are alleged to have eaten some marijuana edibles.

A police source told the news outlet the officers took the edibles, which should have been taken from the scene and used as evidence, while still on shift – and when they didn't feel the effects, they took some more.

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

The source says that when the drugs kicked in the officers panicked and called an ambulance and their colleagues for help. Sources told CBC that the officers complained of 'hallucinations' before making the call to fellow officers for assistance.

CBC reports that both officers have now been suspended and are under investigation by the force's professional standards unit.

Mike McCormack, President of the Toronto Police Association told NEWSTALK1010: "It's only speculation at this time and I'm not going to speculate on an ongoing investigation."

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

He added: "On the face of what you're saying, of course it's shocking, but I'll wait to hear what the investigation is into and comment on the facts around it."

According to NEWSTALK 1010 when backup arrived one of the cops attempted to make a run for it and an officer, who was following on foot, slipped on ice and banged their head. No one is reported to be seriously injured.

Credit: PA

Credit: PA

Kim McKinnon, a spokespersonfor Toronto police, told NEWSTALK 1010 a man was taken to hospital 'with amedical condition' and a second person taken in with a 'minor trauma' but didn'tgive any more information on what caused the injury.

Speaking to the Toronto Sun, McCormack said: "I am getting calls about it and I know there's interest, but it really is hard to comment and unfair to comment while there is an investigation underway."

It's not known if criminal charges will be brought against the officers.

Sources: NEWSTALK 1010; Toronto Sun; CBC

Featured Image Credit: PA

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